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My job is to make your job easier.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact me to discuss your business’s unique needs. We can mix and match or customize my services to fit.







I take audio recordings (meetings, interviews, etc.) and convert them into transcripts for your use. 

$0.10 per word

Retainer: $0.06

Print Collateral 

Also known as Leave-Behind Marketing Materials, print collateral refers to pamphlets, brochures, flyers, stationery, booklets, direct mail ads, calendars, and more.

I can write your print collateral for you so that all you have to worry about is the printing process.

Per Project: Price determined by project type/length.

Retainer: Let’s schedule a meeting to discuss your business’s needs.

Website Content

I write engaging, SEO-optimized copy for Landing, About Us, Testimonials, and Products & Services pages.

Per page:$75

Website: $300


I research my clients desired demographics and write content that is valuable to their customers. I prioritize market research and include SEO keywords organically into the project of your choice.

One-off: $50

Retainer: 4 posts per month at $150

Email writing

I can craft tailored emails for you to use as templates in your business.

$25 per email


I can also craft custom-made weekly/monthly newsletter emails for your business.

1/month: $40

2/month: $80

4/month: $160

Retainer: $150 per month


Do you need something short and sweet? Maybe something longer and more complex? I would love to write your next verse.

Short-form: $20 per poem

Long-form: $40 per poem


eBooks are digital books used to educate and simplify the learning process. Regardless of content, I can research and write your eBook. 

Short-form eBooks: $200-$600 per book

Long-form eBooks: Price determined by project type/length.


Are you struggling to keep up with the reams of copy your business needs to function? I’m here to streamline your marketing process. 

Price determined by project type/length.

Case Studies

I research, interview, and compile the experiences and glowing recommendations of your current customers. Then I put together a compelling story about how your products and services impacted them for the better. 

These types of marketing campaigns aim to answer questions and resolve your prospective customer’s reservations before they choose to purchase.

250 words: $175

500 words: $350

1,000 words: $575

1k+: Price determined by project type/length.

White Pages

Similar to technical writing, this style of writing gets into the nitty-gritty of your product/service’s benefits and features. They require intensive research and interviews. 

The average white page starts at 2.5k words and typically has an academic tone.

$3k-$6k, Price determined by project type/length.


Have an idea for a blog article or book that you would like help writing? I can match your preferred writing style and tone.

Price determined by project type/length.

Editing (Preexisting Content)


Website Content

I am happy to work with you to optimize your preexisting content to improve your traffic and conversion rates.

Per Page: $50

Full Website Review: $200


I can look through your content to correct spelling and grammar.

One-off: price determined by project type/length.

Retainer: $150 per month


Having an editor on your team means that your projects get the polish they deserve. Let’s discuss what your ebook needs.

Proofreading: $75

Developmental Editing: $150

Books (fiction/non-fiction)

I offer a free consultation to see what kind of editing your project needs. Let’s chat about your book.

Proofreading: price determined by project type/length.

Developmental Editing: price determined by project type/length.

Video Editing 


Available soon! Prices TBD.



Market Research

Every effective ad campaign has a solid foundation of market research behind it. Let me do that hard work for you.

One-off: $100 per project

Retainer: $200 per month

Search Engine Optimization

Is it your goal to make Page One on Google? I can help you spruce up your site(s) so that they rank higher.

One-off: $75 per project

Retainer: $100 per month

Social Media Optimization

Are you about to start an ad campaign but aren’t sure what strategy to use? Let me do that research for you.

One-off: $75 per project

Retainer: $100 per month

Website Review

Want to know how your website can attract more traffic and increase your conversions? Let me look at your site and give you the skinny on what you can change to make your digital business more profitable.

$175 per website

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