I Could Probably Do That: Mission Statement


Welcome Aboard

Welcome to the first edition of I Could Probably Do That. The blog where we find ways to make new things, reuse what we can, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life while on a budget.

I’ll share my Do It Yourself trials and tribulations in this category as I find the easiest and cheapest ways to make or maintain the items you find helpful in daily life. I’ll also explore ways to reduce your carbon footprint, craft beautiful gifts for your loved ones, and everything to do with food. 

Together we will learn how to do the tasks that may have seemed too hard to do independently. They aren’t, and I’ll show you the easiest ways to accomplish them. We’ll go over stuff like changing a car tire, how to make and repair clothing, planting a garden and how to make those fresh foods into something delicious.

I love to cook, and I enjoy making things that my family and friends ask for repeatedly. Crowd favorites are kind of my jam, pun intended. So I’ll share my insights and hardwon knowledge on creating new things and ‘how to food’- from shopping for a healthy diet on a minuscule budget to making that fancy thing you once saw on the Great British Baking Show.


What Makes This Blog Different

You know how a lot of food blogs will have the recipe well below halfway down the post? That drives me absolutely batty. There I am, trying to find a recipe that fits what I’m trying to make– usually in a rush– and I have to scroll through stories that, while I’m sure are pretty fantastic tales, I just don’t care about them. I want that recipe to make my meal; I’m hangry, and I just don’t have the time to read it. 

So when I decided to start a blog of my own, I decided that I would not fall into that trap. 

I understand there are reasons to bury the lead in the story; it keeps us scrolling, which is excellent for a website’s analytics. Sure, personal stories help us to connect to the blogger’s brand. But I can’t do the thing that I didn’t enjoy and sleep well at night.

I’d like to introduce myself as the tl;dr blogger. In my food blogs and my crafting and D.I.Y. articles, I will always provide a synopsis followed by the recipes or list of materials needed at the top of the page.

My blogs will follow a specific format:

  •  We’ll start with a brief description of the recipe or project we will tackle in the article.
  • A list of tools and ingredients you’ll need to make it.
  • I’ll also provide some friendly warnings and tips for the steps I found difficult when attempting that recipe or project. 


All of that, and I’ll give you the actual recipe right there at the top of the post. Easy peasy.

The rest of the post will break down the steps of what we’re doing and why each step is vital to the finished product. And then maybe we’ll get into those nostalgic stories about the first time I tried hummus or why babka will always be the food of my heart.

Up next in this series

Next time, we will be covering the concept of Mise en Place. It’s a French culinary term, and it essentially means ‘everything in its place,’ which really means setting up your ingredients so that you can focus solely on the cooking aspect of your recipe. The importance of getting your mise together before cooking is high enough of a priority to me that I feel it should be the next step of our journey together through our exploration of culinary delights. The best part about the concept of mise en place is that it applies to anything you might create, edible or not. 

Just as you wouldn’t add uncooked pasta to cold water, you wouldn’t want to start a recipe without your mise ready and at hand. Next time, we’ll go over how to do that efficiently and as painlessly as possible. We’ll also discuss how the concept can be beneficial to other aspects of life.

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Do you have ideas or recipes for what I should take on next? Do you have any sure-fire advice on how to tackle a project? Let me know in the comments. 

Until next time.


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