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Who the Heck Is This Person?!

My name is Angela. I am an elder Millennial who strongly believes in basic human rights and intersectionality. I think that humans are neat, really. We have done some pretty amazing things and have acquired so much knowledge throughout our short history. I study global health, food, and culture. I love seeing how one can influence the other. 

I consider myself an optimistic realist. You see, I understand our flaws as humans, but I think that together we can build communities that nurture and grow productive citizens. I like the idea of positively helping to shape the future. I want our kids and their kids to exceed us in all aspects of life. For me, the best way to participate is to share my knowledge. 

I am a voracious reader. I love to learn new things. It is probably a defining factor of who I am. I feel like a day used learning something new is a day well spent. And my favorite part of gathering knowledge is to share it. I enjoy teaching others what I have acquired. 

I am known for my love of words. The more exciting and versatile they are, the more I want to use them in regular speech. I am a bit of a verbalist or a sesquipedalian, but I try exceptionally hard to be approachable and knowledgeable.

 I have so much that I want to share with you. I can’t wait to get started. On my blog, I prioritize easy access to the knowledge I share. I have a few ways that I plan to do this.

Reading? Who Has Time for That?

As a reader that doesn’t always have the time to do so, I want to make sure that I avoid the parts of blogging that have annoyed me. I understand that there are reasons behind doing things a certain way. I would rather provide content that everyone can enjoy, no matter what their schedule.

I am a tl;dr blogger. That means I write for those who just don’t have time to read an entire article and for those who have time for a deep dive. You’ll find a synopsis at the top of each blog post that sums up the main points. That way, you can save it for when you have the time to read.

Each blog will have a set of tags to help categorize them and make them easier for you to find—more on that in a minute.

 I research my topics thoroughly and cite credible sources so that you can be sure of the information I give. I am, of course, fallible. I may, on occasion, share incorrect info. I promise to be quick to update and correct mistakes. Please feel free to provide credible information as it applies. It takes a community to build a blog, after all.

Something For Everyone

I have 4 categories for my writing that I will be updating twice a month. These categories are Exploring Digital Business, I Could Probably Do That, Things I’ve Learned, and The Gameplay Kibitzer. Each will have a category tag and topic tags for easy retrieval.

Exploring Digital Business 

Exploring Digital Business (EDB) will focus on more complex topics like business ownership, content marketing, and SEO & social media management. We will also dive deep into subjects like digital marketing, managing a team, and website optimization. 

In this section, I will be sharing my professional tips and tricks to increase your customer conversions. I want to help businesses reach their goals. The best way to do that is by sharing my knowledge so we can all grow together.

I Could Probably Do That 

I Could Probably Do That (ICPDT) is a blog dedicated to DIY, crafting projects, and cooking. I want to share the ups and downs of learning how to do new things. I’ll give the final results of each project and what I’ve learned during the process.

 As a proud product of my generation, a fair amount of the things I’ve figured out have been through trial and error. The internet is a great resource, but there is just so much to comb through. I want to streamline the learning process and point you towards the products and tutorials that helped me the most.

Things I’ve Learned 

Things I’ve Learned (TIL) is a lifestyle and general knowledge category where we will explore aspects of the human condition. This category will cover navigating the problematic parts of life as well as things like building interpersonal relationships and human sexuality and gender. 

I am a woman of color in a world that has a lot of anger and fear. I want to share my perspective and help others add to the conversation. The more we learn about each other and how life works, the easier it is to empathize. We also don’t feel so entirely alone.

The Gameplay Kibitzer

(TGK) gives me the ability to talk about one of my favorite hobbies. I am an avid video game watcher. I suck at playing the more exciting and adventurous games; I am more likely to throw my controller out of fear or frustration. But I love immersion into a strong storyline with spectacular graphics. So I compromise and watch a lot of Twitch. 

I have watched hundreds of hours of various game genres because of talented streamers and friends who game. I want to start conversations about games as they launch and as I discover them. I also want to provide a Watcher’s Guide to gaming. As an armchair gamer, it can sometimes be challenging to understand gameplay or find streamers you deem enjoyable to watch. I want this blog to be a place for players and watchers alike to discuss the facets of the games we love. 

How Can I Stay Up to Date?

You can join our community of readers by signing up for our email list. I’ll send out an email to you to let you know that a new blog post is on its way. I’ll include a little summary of what you’ll be reading next and what my inspirations are for the week.

 It is also a great way to learn more about the blog and where it is heading. As part of the community, you’ll also get the chance to decide what I write next. I plan to run polls and giveaways for those on my email list. Sounds like a win-win situation to me. 

Is there anything you want to hear about first? What kind of articles are you looking forward to reading? Let me know in the comments. 

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