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Gameplay Review

The Lost House

Ghost Hunters Corp is new on the horror video game market but is already creating waves in the community. The first game made by developers from StudioGoupil using Unity assets, this action/adventure survival game revolves around ghost identification and exorcism. 

Ghost Hunters Corp has leveled up the ghost hunting video game genre with challenging tasks and far fewer places to hide. Unlike many previous examples of the genre, entities are more aggressive and travel all over the map giving a stronger atmospheric scare and more engaging player experience. Players choose difficulty levels that reflect their style of play, which can increase the challenges the game presents.

The Fort: RV Cameras

These spirits can follow you out of the map and into your van, so players must take on a defensive strategy while compiling evidence to reveal the appropriate steps for exorcism. Cooperative play can be a bit buggy in Pre-Alpha, but the developers have been quick to provide solid updates. 

Even so, it has an immersive atmosphere and the graphics are well developed. It has an interactive “dead mode” that gives dead teammates the ability to work together with their living counterparts. The learning curve can be a bit steep while players learn the ropes of spirit identification and exorcism. Once you have the hang of it, though, it is obviously a lot of fun to play.

The Fort: Dread Room with Crucifix and Occult Sniffer

Ghost Hunters Corp still has some language and gameplay kinks to work out, but this game is otherwise on course to be a great horror game. Player reviews are promising:

Twitch streamer and ghost hunter RandomBritishDude calls it “an uncut gem.”  

Vtuber and Twitch streamer krimson_rose_ says, “Honestly, it’s terrifying and beautiful.”

Ghost Hunters Corp to release in Alpha on July 16th, 2021 on Steam. Prices have not yet been announced on Steam, but scuttlebutt says it will be about 14.99€ and $17.99.

The Lost House: Spirit Signal Search

Kibitzer Review

I am an admitted Armchair Gamer. I take pride in it, actually. I am an avid watcher of multiple talented streamers who play a variety of games. One of my favorite genres to watch is horror, which has a wonderful assortment of games to enjoy. I would say that I’ve watched hundreds of hours of gameplay in the genre, and I enjoy finding new games that make my heart race. 

That said, I would be remiss to discount Ghost Hunters Corp as just a Phasmophobia clone. This game has all of the earmarks for being a fascinating, spine-chilling ghost hunting game. To be completely honest, I think this might be one of my new favorite games to watch.

The Lost House: Infrared Camera

Ghosts can break the lightbulbs in the building’s rooms. It’s frightening to hear those pops and know that you’re not alone. 

It’s easy to immerse in this game completely. So much so that the atmospheric scares compound, and I’ve repeatedly experienced full-body goosebumps while watching this game. I am not easily scared, but even I try not to watch it in the dark. 

Suffice it to say, this game gets both thumbs up from this horror fan. Get yourself a copy and scare the bejesus out of yourself with your friends.

Minimum game requirements (Steam):       


Windows 7


i5-2500 or equivalent




NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or equivalent


Version 11


20 GB available space



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